Why Join?

It is all about PARTNERSHIP: theologically based, congregationally driven, ministry and mission focused.

How ICHM works for you!

If you are a member of a faith community:

  • We will collaborate with you over a period of time to assist you to take the concept of a Parish Nursing Ministry to your Clergy and Congregation.
  • We are uniquely positioned to enable your church to responsibly contribute to the health of your congregation and to your surrounding community.
  • In communicating with you, we will do so with respect for diversity of beliefs, cooperation and collaboration on the approach your faith community wishes to take in implementing a parish nursing Ministry within your faith community.
  • With the agreement of your Clergy, we will provide an Information Session to your faith community at a time and place mutually agreed upon.
  • Provide brochures, ‘readiness materials’ to review and share with other congregational members.

If you are clergy within a faith community:

  • We will enthusiastically provide an information Forum; an overview of health and healing ministry within the church. It includes the scope of Parish Nursing Ministry; the role of the Parish Nurse and Health Committee; and the role of InterChurch Health Ministries Canada in providing education and support to congregations.
  • We will provide you with the necessary information to facilitate the formation of a Health Cabinet if one does not exist within your Church.
  • Provide information on effective formation of a Health Committee/Cabinet.
  • Make available on-going educational opportunities to health cabinet members through video conferencing webinars, on site continuing education, the parish nursing education program at a minimal cost.