wholistic Ways to care for people and the planet

Live Webinar: Wholistic Care and Wellness Practices

Exploring ways to promote health and well-being as a mission of the church.

This event is of value to:

  • Clergy
  • Parish/Faith Community Nurses
  • Pastoral Care Teams
  • Health Committee members
  • Health care practitioners
  • Spiritual Directors 
  • Chaplains 
  • Parishioners/Congregants

If you believe that the image of Jesus as healer best speaks to our time then it is vital that health and healing be integral to Christian ministry. In this live webinar, we'll explore ways of caring for the whole person (body, mind and spirit) and living as one who is spiritually whole.

Webinar Date:

November 17

Webinar Time:

12:30 pm ( EST)

Featured Guest:

Helen Wordsworth

Baptist minister, Founder Parish Nursing UK International Consultant Westberg 

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