As Psalm 1 tells us, blessed is the one who meditates on the law of the Lord. Prayer and meditation can help you feel connected to God in times of struggle and loneliness. A dialogue with God can help flesh out your concerns, and feelings, and remind you that He is always there to guide you, and comfort you.

Seek help/counsel

Your pastor, or minister can be the best resource to foster your relationship to God. They can provide targeted spiritual guidance for whatever problem you may be facing, and can help direct you to verses that will resonate with you, and show you that the problems you are facing have been experienced by many others, and that God is always by your side to help.

Read your scripture

One of the best ways to nurture your relationship with God is to connect to His word in your scripture. Many people of Faith find great comfort connecting with their favourite biblical texts. Revisiting a text that has previously aided you in a time of struggle can remind you that God is with you no matter what lies ahead. Perhaps you also want to consider unleashing your creative side by partaking in the recent bible journaling trend. Bible journaling is a creative devotional practice, which involves highlighting important verses, and drawing in the margins.

Listen to your favourite faith based podcast

Sometimes there is no substitute for hearing people speak and testify their faith in Jesus, and podcasts are the best contact-free way to fulfill that. Find a favorite podcast, and search for an applicable episode, or even just the most recent one. With the release schedule of podcasts, a new upcoming episode of a particular podcast can be something to look forward to much in the same way a new episode of a television series can be.

Host a virtual bible study with friends

During the pandemic, one of the best ways to nurture your relationship with your faith based community is to host a virtual bible study through Zoom or another digital live streaming platform. Virtual activities are a great alternative to in-person faith-based activities during this uncertain time. Virtual bible study allows you to prioritize your physical health by protecting yourself from the risk of Covid-19, while also nurturing your spiritual health through connection with your community and discussing scripture.