Volunteering for non-profit charities or churches nearby

A great way to make new friends who are in the same denomination as you is to volunteer with local faith based non-profits, or your church nearby. Its important to lend a helping hand when you can, to better your community, and to serve God. Fellowship in serving man is to model yourself as Jesus did. As God recalls in Matthew 25:35, I was hungry and you gave Me food.Every act of service for your fellow man, is an act of service to God.

Host a Virtual Book club

There are many popular and captivating faith-based novels that can spark interesting conversation among members of a denomination. As simple readings of Psalms, or the singing of Hymns can bring you closer to a community, and to God, so too can literature about the miracles of God bring you closer to His light. Some more contemporary books can also be a great entry point for newer members of a congregation.

Go for a socially distanced walk with friends or family

Just because the pandemic is raging on, does not mean you must entirely isolate yourself. Many people are experiencing loneliness, and a desire for connection in the Pandemic, and some may be in your congregation. Reach out to members of your church and ask if they would like to take a socially distanced walk, to converse and get some brief exercise. Ask family members too, to accompany you on short walks.

Reach out

As God helps those who help themselves, so too must you reach out and let it be known when you need help, or are in times of struggle. Your community is built on trust, and respect, and as you would not want your neighbour to be alone in their trials, you too must give yourself the same respect. Your congregation’s spiritual leader, such as a minister or pastor, can help provide you with the comfort and resources to aid you in your time of need.

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