Take a walk around your neighbourhood.

Jesus encouraged fellowship, and love for neighbour as yourself. A walk around the neighbourhood can remind us of the homes, and livelihoods of those who live near us. Oftentimes we overlook small details of our neighbourhood, and can oftentimes be surprised what happens when we slow down, and take in everything that the scenery has to offer. Try walking down a different street than youre used to, or sit down in a park for longer than you have before. Taking note of all of the functioning and moving parts of a community can help you feel like a part of something greater and remind you of God’s presence in everything.

Go hiking on a more advanced local trail.

Hiking allows you to be in nature and witness Gods creations firsthand. Over the course of the pandemic, it is natural to have been isolated from the outside world, with local hiking trails closed for public safety, and stay-at-home orders issued during times of peak COVID cases. With hiking trails now open and accessible again, they will take you deep into the heart of a forest, or along a creek or river, and allow you to reconnect with the beauty and serenity of the natural world, and all of His creations.

Start a garden.

Just as God encourages you to sow your faith and reap wisdom, the process of tending

to your relationship with your faith can be manifested in many forms. There is no better process to help connect to this than sowing seeds and plants of your own. As you learn how to better care for your plants, you will watch them grow in front of you, as God does with us. Tending to a garden can help you reconnect with the earth, and even help incorporate some fresh fruits and vegetables into your meals. Even those without a green thumb can easily find simpler plants and herbs to grow, or find access to simple guides through searches on YouTube, or Google.