On November 9th, Rev. Danny Leung will be addressing the topic of ministry to people with visual impairments using biblical and practical perspectives. VIP is a term he uses when referring to people with visual impairments, Visually Impaired Person. This webinar is co-sponsored by Church Network Supporting Disabilities and the National Office of Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada.

Rev. Danny Leung lost his vision in the winter of 1984, becoming a visually impaired person (VIP). He then obtained his Biblical Counselling degree in 2009 and was ordained in 2013. In 2006, Rev. Danny resigned from his IT profession to kick-start a ministry to serve people with visual impairments. This ministry is now known as Joy Beyond Vision Community (JBVC) and became a charitable organization in 2014. JBVC’s mission is to demonstrate God’s love in action by assisting people with visual impairments to overcome barriers and live a life with meaning and dignity.

Are you currently ministering to people with visual impairments? Do you want to know how your church can be more effective and involved in serving them? Do you want to consider the possibility to start serving VIPs in your community? Sign up to enroll in this webinar on November 9th, 2017 at 1:00pm EST here: SIGN UP NOW.

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Rev. Cynthia Tam

National Coordinator for Disability Ministry

Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada