Clarence MacPherson

…studied business and commerce at McMaster University and worked for Chrysler Canada Ltd. In 1979, he attended the Labour College of Canada and was subsequently hired by the Ontario Federation of Labour to manage an Occupational Health and Safety Project.  In 1985, he developed a business plan to create a Workers Health and Safety Centre and became its first Executive Director. He served in this role for 16 years and led the development and delivery of  Workplace Hazardous Materials Training for all Ontario workers. Clarence spearheaded a campaign to erect Day of Mourning monuments in community centers across Ontario. He also co-chaired a team to develop and deliver certification training for Workplace Joint Health and Safety Committees. Clarence promoted awareness of  safety and environmental protection beyond the workplace.  He led the development of a Young Worker Awareness Program for Ontario High Schools and Earth Day Awareness presentations for Elementary and Secondary students. Many thousands of students attended these sessions.  He also co-chaired the Life Quilt Project to commemorate young workers killed on the job and co-founded the Threads of Life organization to support families affected by workplace tragedies.  In 2002 Clarence developed a business plan for an Occupational Disability Response Team and became its director of operations.  This organization provided support in helping injured workers access disability benefits and remove barriers to their participation in the workplace. Clarence is an active member of Westminster United Church in Whitby and has served on the Board of Management and as chair of several committees including Ministry and Personnel, Property and Health Cabinet. He has served two terms on the ICHM Board of Management as Vice Chair and has completed all levels of the Parish Nursing Program. As a retiree he now spends his time managing Health and Media Ministry at his church and serves as a volunteer for InterChurch Health Ministries Canada since 2016.