The Spiritual Care Association is now hosting webinars that include the Updates in their Transitional Care Series so that participants can discover best-practice, research-based methods to enhance the care of people experiencing transition from one level of care to another by encouraging collaboration between the hospital and faith community in order to encourage wholistic health. Transitional care enhances the patient discharge experience from hospital to home and strives to eliminate unnecessary hospital re-admissions.

Part 1: Updates in Transitional Care and Models Part 1: Hospital-based, Working Informally with Faith Communities

Does transitional care decrease hospital readmission rates? This interactive webinar examines the role of faith community nurses according to research regarding factors that lead to hospital readmissions and the interventions that reduce them. Dr Ziebarth will present results from one pilot and two 2-year studies collecting and examining nursing interventions provided by faith community nurses to patients transitioning from hospital to home in which the nurse had a formal relationship with the hospital and informal relationship with faith communities. The faith community nurse transitional care interventions are compared with transitional care priority interventions. Join this important research discussion to learn more about transitional care.

Part 2: Updates in Transitional Care and Models Part 2: Formal Relationship with a Faith Community and an Informal Relationship with a Hospital.

In part 2 of the Transitional Care Series, research that has tested various models of transitional care will be reviewed. Dr. Ziebarth will present a new transitional care model in which the faith community nurse has a formal relationship with a faith community and informal relationship with a hospital. In addition, resources and tools for faith community nurses working with patients transitioning from hospital to home will be discussed.

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