Sanctuary and The Porter’s Gate are creating an album of songs about mental health and faith.

Listen  to the First Single: Always With Me

Why create a worship album focused on the theme of mental health challenges? Perhaps the answer to this question can be found in yet more questions. How do the songs we sing on a Sunday morning impact people with lived experience? Are we inadvertently excluding or stigmatizing members of our congregations by only singing certain types of songs, or only singing about certain experiences in the life of faith? How can we encourage worship leaders to think through their sets from new and different perspectives? And most importantly, how can we help people hold on to God’s presence at all times and in all circumstances—including experiences of mental health challenges?

By creating an album that centers around the lived experience of people who are often marginalized in churches, and by modeling life-giving and healing ways for congregants to talk (and sing) about mental health challenges, we have the opportunity to unite liturgy and advocacy. We hope this collaboration will offer new ways of experiencing belonging in church communities around the world.