The Parish Nurse Professional Practice Group

Since its inception in 1995, InterChurch Health Ministries Canada has recognized the pioneering nature of this ministry. It has committed to the ongoing support of parish nurses by developing parish nurse support groups. These groups meet monthly. They are geographically dispersed based on the natural groupings of the ever evolving locations of parish nurses.

In an atmosphere of comfort, collegiality and support, these gatherings provide parish nurses the opportunity to share their ideas, experiences and to seek support for matters for which they are seeking advice. The intended outcomes are for parish nurses to feel supported by their colleagues and to grow and mature as professionals in a very focused form of nursing.

ICHM’s Role

Part of the partnership agreement with churches and congregations, ICHM staff pledges to provide regular support to these regional groups by sharing information, supporting spiritual growth and assisting with ongoing education. ICHM recognizes the need for this support as this new form of nursing ministry grows and develops.

Each group is scheduled to meet at a set time each month for 9 of the 12 months of the year (excluding December, July and August).

Group Convenor

There is, deliberately, a set format for these meetings led by the convenor. This leader is an experienced parish nurse who commits to this position for one to two years. The meetings follow a set format in an effort to give group members the expectation that there will be time to discuss their questions, provide time for prayer, seek advice and to plan for upcoming events. The convenor ensures that the meeting schedule has a theological and a nursing component.

The convenor will manage the 2-hour time frame and designate members for the role of prayer, as well as for hospitality, at the next meeting. This person will also check in with any Parish Nurse who missed the monthly meeting, to demonstrate support and seek reassurance from that member.

Professional Practice Groups for 2015
Coburg – Peterborough
Halton – Peel
Northern Lights (Skype meeting of widely dispersed members)
Southwestern Ontario
Toronto Central
York Region