It is all about PARTNERSHIP

     …Theologically based,

          …Congregationally driven,

               …Ministry and Mission focused.

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How ICHM works for you

If you are a member of a faith community:

  • We will collaborate with you over a period of time to assist you to take the concept of a Parish Nursing Ministry to your Clergy and Congregation.
  • We are uniquely positioned to enable your church to responsibly contribute to the health of your congregation and to your surrounding community.
  • In communicating with you, we will do so with respect for diversity of beliefs, cooperation and collaboration on the approach your faith community wishes to take in implementing a parish nursing ministry within your faith community.
  • With the agreement of your Clergy, we will provide an Information Session to your faith community at a time and place mutually agreed upon.
  • Provide brochures, ‘readiness materials’ to review and share with other congregational members.

If you are clergy within a faith community:

  • We will enthusiastically provide an Information Forum: an overview of the health and healing ministry within the church. It includes the scope of Parish Nursing Ministry; the role of the Parish Nurse and Health Committee; and the role of InterChurch Health Ministries Canada in providing education and support to congregations.
  • We will provide you with the necessary information to facilitate the formation of a Health Cabinet if one does not exist within your Church.
  • Provide information on effective formation of a Health Committee/Cabinet.
  • Make available ongoing educational opportunities to health cabinet members through video conferencing webinars, on site continuing education, and the parish nursing education program at a minimal cost.

Fostering mutual ministry through partnership: together we are stronger than we are individually.

  • Partnership with your parish nurse, health committee and clergy ensures that there is ongoing consultation and support as the congregation develops the ministry of health and healing in the church.
  • The partnership structure includes 16 Christian denominations and encourages ecumenical relationships whose common vision is the church as a healing place.
  • An Education Program for parish nurses, clergy, members of health committees and other interested parishioners/agency personnel.
  • Professional assistance and access to resources to set up a congregational Health Committee.
  • Policies & Procedures for the parish nurse, including a documentation framework, that align with the College of Nurses of Ontario documentation standards.
  • A Resource “How to” Manual includes: (1) Beginning a Parish Nurse Ministry (2) The Parish Nurse Ministry (3) The Foundations for Faith and Health Ministries, (4) What is InterChurch Health Ministries Canada?, (5) Resources (including Health Needs Assessments, Job Descriptions, Interview Questions, Bulletin Board postings, Newsletter articles and much more).
  • On-site visits and consultation by an ICHM parish nurse coordinator, and support and presentations upon request for parish nurses, clergy & health committees.
  • Assistance to set up a, or inclusion in an existing, Parish Nurse Professional Practice Group (PNPPG).
  • Invitation to an annual parish nurse facilitated retreat.
  • Education days on topics chosen to strengthen your ministry—standards of confidentiality and other College of Nurses updates, current topical issues such as euthanasia.
  • Webinars presented by experts in their field on various aspects of health, spirituality, communication, group dynamics and adult education techniques.
  • Periodic Parish Nursing Ministry “Did You Know Notes” providing up to date resources and information for Parish Nurses and Health Committees.
  • Heartbeat: the ICHM Newsletter—Fall, Winter and Spring editions—includes notification of events of interest.
  • Collegiality and opportunities to advocate on behalf of ICHM on important issues to health regulated professional bodies and to 3 levels of government.

Why continue in partnership?

To strengthen our mutual ministry = IMPACT

  • Relationship building within an effective network that shares opportunities, ideas and creative congregational initiatives.
  • Continuously evolving membership feeds the need for new ideas and new professional relationships.
  • Assistance to develop a sustainability plan for this needed ministry after you ‘move on.’ Ensures that this important ministry continues on the foundation you worked diligently to establish.

Fostering healthy communities through Christ’s healing ministry.

What will you gain by sustaining membership in ICHM?

Will you become engaged in this Partnership?

Many leadership opportunities to:

  • Impact on the growth of Christ’s healing ministry in other congregations.
  • Assist with Information Forums and consultations with interested congregations prior to their coming into partnership.
  • Effect positive change continuously within your congregation and beyond to shine a spotlight on the historical connection between the church and all dimensions of health.

Grounded in Christian Faith, InterChurch Health Ministries (ICHM) Canada fosters wholisitic health in individuals and communities. We promote, educate and support Parish Nursing Ministry and Health Committee Members in partnership with their congregations.

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