The Board of Directors extends an invitation to come and join us as a Supporting Member. ICHM Canada has many opportunities for you. We need you to help us bring new ideas and energy to the ICHM team. We welcome individuals with skills and experience in a variety of fields and a sincere commitment to our cause to become members of the Board and Committees. Please contact ICHM Canada if you are interested in working with a passionate and dynamic group of individuals who are engaged in helping to develop health and healing ministries in every congregation.

ICHM Canada welcomes new members for:

  • Developing Church Health Ministry Community content
  • Sharing best practices
  • Writing articles about Parish Nursing and Wholistic Practices
  • Participating in Topical Webinars and Podcasts
  • Fundraising 

Our strategic plan includes the creation of a Fundraising & Membership Campaign Team that will:

  • Accept responsibility for overseeing and supporting fundraising and membership campaigns,
  • Assist in identifying sources of funds
  • Ascertain appropriate strategies for developing sources
  • Attend meetings with funding sources (when required)
  • Support Special Events
  • Support Fundraising Initiatives

Contact us at if you are interested in volunteering with us. 

Together we can….

  • Impact the growth of Christ’s healing ministry in congregations.
  • Assist with the sharing of information about Parish Nursing and Church Health Ministries with interested congregations.
  • Effect positive change within your congregation and beyond, to shine a spotlight on the connection between faith and health.