Supporting Caregiver Awareness, Learning and Empowerment (SCALE) Program

The SCALE Program aims to empower caregivers with practical information and skills to focus on their mental health and well-being needs by offering:

• Weekly psychoeducational webinars (LIVE or RECORDED) are divided into two 4-week sessions (see below for Session 1 and Session 2 topics). You may register for all of Session 1, Session 2, or individual webinars to suit your needs. • Strategies, tools, and resources to better cope with difficult caregiving emotions. • Free and confidential online group and/or individual counselling (OPTIONAL). *Space is limited. Registration is based on a first-come, first-served basis. *If you’re planning to access these services, it is highly encouraged that you register for the full session of webinars to receive the maximum benefit from group or individual counselling.

“The counselling was incredible and life-changing…the webinars had the right balance of information and self-directed work. I’ve used the accompanying resources to build my road to wellness. I was able to apply the knowledge, strategies and tactics to my work-life too. The benefits of the SCALE program brought wellness to all aspects of my being.”

Caregiver SESSION 1: UNDERSTANDING THE EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE OF CAREGIVING OCTOBER 5 to 26, 2021 (Tuesdays from 12 PM to 1PM EST) Week 1: Your caregiving journeyWeek 2: How caregiving stress affects you Week 3: How caregivers can manage anxiety and anger Week 4: How caregivers can manage sadness and guilt

SESSION 2: STRATEGIES FOR CAREGIVER MENTAL HEALTH & WELL-BEING NOVEMBER 2 to 23, 2021 (Tuesdays from 12 PM to 1PM EST) Week 1: Become a mindful caregiver Week 2: The self-compassionate caregiver Week 3: Find your caregiver strengths Week 4: Time for self-care while caregiving