InterChurch Health Ministries.. Information Forum

Striving for Fullness of Life: The Church's Health and Healing Ministry

Come explore and discover your congregation’s health and healing ministry with a parish nurse or a cadre of congregational health advocates trained in developing and carrying out the ministry as a pilot project

"When the church embraces its ministry to whole persons, it will become intentional in creating programs and ministries that encourage the redempton of the whole person."

This is for you if...

  • You believe congregational health and healing ministry is an opportunity for individual members and the faith community as a whole to encounter the good news through a whole-life lens.
  • You see health as encompassing wholeness in body and spirit. Even when we fail miserably in the ways we treat our bodies, God comes to us and transforms us. 
  • You share a vision of health and healing  ministry as people caring for people in areas fundamental to well-being. True health embraces the goodness and richness of the life God gives.
  • You see the bigger picture of God’s redeeming love for humans, from our brokenness in the Garden of Eden of Genesis to the healing resplendent in the new heaven and new earth of Revelation. Healing ministry invites us to yearn together for the healing and justice of God’s redeemed world.

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A biblical vision of human personhood requires that we see human beings as whole beings, ensouled flesh and enfleshed souls whose spiritual and bodily life are integrally related to one another.  Be part of a ministry that  broadens our definition of health beyond the mere absence of disease to encompass our environmental, social and vocational lives. Come to the forum and be informed.

When and Where

The ICHM Information Forum is scheduled for Saturday September 30th, 2017 from 9:30 A.M - 2:00 P.M. at Burton Avenue United Church, Barrie Ontario. The event is free and refreshments will be provided.  Participants are encouraged to bring a bag lunch.  For more information about this event e-mail or call 1.226.647.0839

Called to preach, teach and heal

Ministry is about more than preaching and serving the sacraments. It entails the whole body of Christ as it seeks to embody the values of the gospel and to enact Christ's  call to preach, teach and heal.

Reverend Henry Fischer

Creating healthy communities through Christ's healing ministry

"Our healthcare system  needs to be more than about treating disease, it must create conditions and structures that allow for wholistic health.

Carole Beam, Parish Nurse