ICHM Canada pioneer, Henry Fischer, has a new book entitled ICHTUS Sign of the Fish. We know Henry for his dedicated work with Parish Nursing Ministries but he is also an accomplished author of a number of books. He was born in Kitchener ON in a Swabian Hungarian community. After High School Henry began a career in bookkeeping, but he had 2 conflicting dreams, one for journalism and one for theology. He became a Lutheran pastor in Waterloo, ON then in Oshawa. He retired in 1996 to become the Executive Director of ICHM Canada. Henry’s dream of being a writer is best described in his own words: “As a teenager I came to a crossroads and I took it; two roads that parted but found their way back together again. I wanted to become a writer while also finding my way in the Eternal Quest that had dogged me all of my life. My journey took me to the letters of St. Paul that opened up a new world for me that led to my pursuit of theology rather than journalism.. In reading the letters of Paul, I became intrigued by one character and sketched out a proposed novel and began several years of historical research. It was hard to put that aside and follow that path that the Holy Spirit had me on and that led to my ordination and a lifetime of pastoral ministry. Then about 2 years ago a friend asked me when I would get around to writing that novel I had spoken of in my younger years. Almost simultaneously my wife Jean, busy at downsizing in our retirement, ran across my original notes. The rest is now history. ICHTHUS: the Sign of the Fish was reborn and published in October last year…I invite you to join me on my journey.”

ICHTHUS: The Sign of the Fish by Henry A Fischer is available at Amazon.ca or directly from the publisher: Authorhouse. Copies are also available from Rev. Fischer. 🙂