The purpose of an InterChurch Health Ministries (ICHM) Canada Information Forum is to provide an overview of health and healing ministry in the church; the place and scope of Parish Nursing Ministry; the role of the Parish Nurse and the Health Committee; and the role of InterChurch Health Ministries (ICHM) Canada in providing support to congregations.

The forum discusses “how to start” your Health & Healing Ministry and what services and resources ICHM Canada can provide to congregations¬† that seek a partnership relationship.

Topics covered include:

  • Why is the church involved in health and healing?
  • The role of InterChurch Health Ministries (ICHM) Canada
  • What is a Parish Nursing Ministry?
  • The role of the Parish Nurse
  • How to move towards a health ministry

Information Forums are offered online to a group of people from your congregation, as the forum experience can help build a team to work together to develop strategies to begin and maintain a Health and Healing  Ministry.

Are you interested in participating in an Information Forum? Contact ICHM Canada here or request to join an information forum on the ICHM Community site.