St. Mark’s United Church in Whitby created the following service for their online ministry January 17, 2021. The service Body, Mind and Spirit was offered by their Health and Wellness Ministry. We invite you to enjoy this presentation.

Worship Service & Outline

St. Mark’s Community of Faith Online Worship Service

January 17th, 2021

Health & Wellness Ministry: Body Mind & Spirit

Organ Prelude-Largo and Fugue (W. Boyce)


Introit-Hear our prayer, O God VU 865

Scripture: Matthew 9.18-26

Finding healing

Self care for Kids


Hymn: Come and Find the Quiet Centre VU 374 (all three verses)

Being a rose


Special Music-Improvisation

Dear God

Hymn: Body, Mind and Spirit MV 153 (all four verses) 


Choral Closing-Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice, give thanks and sing VU 824b

Organ Postlude-Allemande (G. Telemann)

Rev Patti Armstrong, Minister

St. Mark’s United Church, Whitby, ON