Restorative Justice

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Conflict isn’t optional when it comes to human relationships, but the way we respond to conflict is. Conflict can sometimes unite and sometimes divide a community. Jesus reconciled the world to God, and we are called to be ministers of reconciliation to others. But, what does a ministry of reconciliation look like? Join us for an introduction to Restorative Practice and how communication tools and strategies offered by this practice can support your ministry and congregation. Presenters: Janice Buck, Parish Nurse; and, Anne Martin, Director of Restorative Practice Services, Shalem Mental Health Network. Bring any conflict situations you may have in your congregation; and, if there is time, we will discuss them.

Cost:  ICHM member congregation–1st registration, FREE. | ICHM member congregation–2nd or subsequent registration–$15 | non-ICHM member–$25.

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