Celebrate and ENGAGE Love and Justice Ministries of The United Church of Canada

The Church in Mission Unit invites you to celebrate and learn with us about the many love and justice ministries of our church. November 3-7, the unit is hosting ENGAGE! an online love and justice gathering. Join us to worship, build community, and learn together. Throughout this five-day online event we will:

Engage deep spirituality
This day starts off with Ukelele Church and then goes from there. Play, lament, and photography are some of the different workshops that you can be part of. Plus Michael Blair will be our keynote of the plenary. Lean into the beginning of this gathering.

Engage daring justice
Engage in daring justice through workshops on climate change, racism, and vulnerable populations. Reflect upon your own daring justice journey. Over 20 of our Global Partners will have exhibitor booths, spend some time to hear their stories and understand justice issues around the globe.

Engage courageous community
Courageous communities look different depending on the context! The day starts off with worship that hears testimonies and offers pastoral care. Workshops include grief counselling, community engagement, and creating a culture of innovation. Explore what a courageous community could look like in your context.

Engage bold discipleship
Let us sing, let us listen, let us turn ourselves inside out! Today is all about bold discipleship which starts with us. Be motivated by stories and encouraged by workshops including bold discipleship in a virtual world and youth leaders in discipleship.

Engage hope
Wrap up all of these conversations with hope. There is so much happening across The United Church of Canada with our global partners, our ecumenical partners, and with you! End in hopeful conversations and beautiful worship that celebrates who we are.

This will be an online event, and once you register, you’ll receive information about how to easily access our gathering. Tickets are free! We encourage you to make a donation if you are able.

We can’t wait to celebrate and recognize all that we do together as The United Church of Canada!

Register now!

Contact edge@united-church.ca for further information and keep an eye on this page for future updates

*This event supports vaccine equity. COVID won’t be over until it’s over for all of us—and you can help that happen. Make a donation to bring much-needed support for people battling COVID in the global South.