As Dr. Jane Goodall so eloquently states, and has demonstrated through decades of creating real change across the world, hope is an act. Without action or engagement, hope is just wishful thinking. It can be ineffective or, worse, paralyzing.

But hope that commits, hope that inspires, hope that overcomes—this is how we change the world for the better. This is how we’re able to say, with certainty, that not only is hope possible in today’s tumult—it’s an absolute necessity.

“Probably the question I am asked more often than any other is: Do you honestly believe there is hope for our world? For the future of our children and grandchildren? And I am able to answer truthfully yes.” —Jane Goodall

Join Jane Goodall and a diverse spectrum of today’s most celebrated voices as we gather for the Activating Hope Summit, a FREE 4-day online gathering starting November 4 that will not only offer solace for these times but also continue the work of creating a global community of hope.

Four free days of inspiration, stories, conversation, activities, and so much more. We hope you’ll join us as we reignite hope and aim our collective energies toward a better, brighter future.