Anne Simmonds

Anne Simmonds, Workshop Facilitator

Care for and support of dying and grieving persons is a critical aspect of pastoral ministry for which clergy and lay volunteers often feel ill prepared. This workshop combines the “very personal face”and “immediacy” of caring for the dying and beareaved, as well as a theoretical and theological basis for this work. This two-day workshop will give participants an opportunity to reflect on their professional and personal concerns regarding illness, death and grief. It is an opportunity for anyone to enhance their ability to provide pastoral care to the dying and bereaved.

Anne Simmonds teaches Ministry with Dying and Grieving Persons at Emmanuel College. She has had extensive experience with the dying and bereaved both as Director of Chaplaincy at the former Wellesley Hospital, as former minister of pastoral care at Rosedale United Church, as a former nurse and currently in her private practice.

INFORMATION: Workshop fee is $175.00 + HST and includes lunch. 15% off for two or more from one congregation and students are half price. Deadline for registration January 29, 2016.

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Contact: 416.813.4096 for more information.