CPE is for faith community nurses too!
Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is a form of chaplaincy internship in which students are taught through hands-on practice, clinical supervision and academic study. The online CPE program offered through the Spiritual Care Association’s academic partner, the Institute for Clinical Pastoral Training (ICPT.edu), welcomes faith community nurses and all nurses interested in growing their spiritual care skills. This is a unique faith experience in education for persons seeking personal and professional growth, and competence in spiritual care.

CPE units through ICPT are built around convenience and accessibility. The faculty works to develop a learning environment that is supportive and stimulating, and where students feel confident to risk interpersonal growth and learning through this cutting edge program of instruction. Clinical hours are completed at your current place of ministry or at a variety of options near you – you choose the place and the times.

  • Each of the four CPE Units focus on a specific aspect of spiritual care in addition to the focus on individual growth and development.
  • Unit 1 includes SCA courses Cultural Competence: Inclusion and Vulnerable Populations, and Living with Heartbreak: Grief, Loss and Bereavement.
  • Unit 2 includes SCA courses Powerful Communication Techniques and Values, Obligations, and Rights: Healthcare Ethics.
  • Unit 3 includes SCA courses When Care Is Tough: Supporting the Interdisciplinary Team and Talking about What Matters: Advanced Directives and Planning.
  • Unit 4 SCA courses include What to Do with Information: HIPAA Compliance and What We Hear and Say: Spiritual Assessment and Documentation.

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