We are excited to share a new song written and performed by the multi-talented Sanctuary Ambassador Rev. Dr. John Swinton. We’ve created a lyric video for “Sanctuary,” and encourage you to watch, listen, and share it with your friends and family. 

“It’s never very wise to try to explain a song. Songs are like poetry; they find their own space in the hearts and minds of listeners and readers. But I can tell you where the soul of the song comes from: it’s a song about brokenness and the healing power of grace. It has to do with those times when you just get broken by life and you can’t quite find your way out of the lostness that you feel deep down inside.

It’s a song about rebuilding out of that kind of brokenness and beginning to realize that our brokenness reminds us that we need to hold onto the grace that Jesus offers to us in order to feel safe and begin the process of mending.

There is always hope, even in the midst of the wildest storms. The song is also about other important things, but I will leave the listener to work out what the song might mean for them.” Rev. Dr. John Swinton © John Swinton

Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries