Grief is one of the hardest emotions to deal with, and can often cause one to question or grapple with their faith. It is not uncommon for us to ask questions of why we are going through a particular challenge, or the loss of a loved one. We have all felt a feeling of searching, and a desire for answers or reasons for why our life is unfolding a particular way. Grief, however, is when the love and comfort of God is most needed, and faith is most powerful.

Turning to scripture, we can find many times where people face a challenge they thought they did not deserve, or did not know why they were experiencing it. We can look at Job, and his many misfortunes, and wonder how he kept his faith in the path of misery. We can also turn to Jesus, and think upon his suffering. These and many other stories reveal that through perseverance by faith and responding in a Christ like way we can experience restoration. 

It is through suffering, that we learn God is near and carrying us when we feel we cannot take another step. God offers us community in times of grief, allowing members of your faith to pick up in places where you cannot, or offer a shoulder to cry on when you feel overwhelmed. Fellow Christians can empathize with your struggle, as we alike have all felt the burden of grief. When it is our turn to support members of the community, God calls upon us to act, and love. When it is our turn to grieve, so too will the community meet you, and provide what they can.

Vulnerability in grief is difficult, but is necessary in coming to terms and understanding that God’s will is for our healing and becoming whole.  Making peace with what has happened may involve anger, tears, questions, and a litany of other emotions, unique to each person. God is there to understand and accept this, at your own pace. And as you grieve, your faith will sustain you.