ICHM 2016 Retreat

This retreat is open to all congregants, health committees, clergy, lay leaders, parish nurses and individuals interested in the quiet discernment of their role in the health and healing ministry.

Save the Date: March 4 (evening), 5 and 6 (morning), 2016
Location: Jackson’s Point Conference Centre, 1890 Metro Road North, Jackson’s Point, ON, L0E 1L0
Facilitator: Luba Rascheff, MDiv will lead a book study on Brian D. McLaren’s book, Naked Spirituality: A Life with God in 12 Simple Words. The author uses the metaphor of seasons (spring, summer, fall and winter) to describe the stages of spiritual growth and maturation in individuals and their deepening, vital connection with God.
Chaplain: The Reverend Henry Fischer will deliver prayers and act in the capacity of chaplain. Janis Constable, PN, will be part of the worship leadership team.
Guest presenter on Meditation: Benjamin Williams, PhD, Psychologist, from the Southdown Institute | Topic: “Mindfulness, a window into the sacred in the present moment”

Mindfulness in various forms has begun to be introduced and accepted into the mainstream of mental health treatment. It is beginning to be recognized as an important tool in approaching mental health concerns in assisting to develop regulation of emotion, flexibility in responding to life situations, and in the development of of healthy relationships and self-concept. However, mindfulness has a deep religious context and origin as a spiritual tradition, including the Christian contemplative tradition. This session will introduce participants to the concept of mindfulness and how, as a practice, it can assist us in  connecting with the sacred in our everyday experience. Participants will be invited to participate in a mindfulness exercise with time for reflection and discussion. | Read more here.

Naked Spirituality book cover Available through Amazon, the Book Outlet and  at the library.

Cost: Room & Board for 2 nights: $191.39 (double room) or $282.17 (single room).

***Please note that dinner will not be served on Friday evening. Keswick, a town you’ll pass through on the way to Jackson’s Point, however, has a number of restaurants you can choose from (See page 2 of Registration Brochure below.) ***

**Breakfast and Lunch times on Sunday were amended on the Registration Brochure.**

To register: click on the Registration Brochure.

Note: Further content will be posted when confirmed.

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What do You Do to Nourish Your Own Soul?

You can search far and in hungry places for love. It is a great consolation to know that there is a wellspring of love within yourself. If you trust that this wellspring is there, you will then be able to invite it to awaken.”

Anam Cara, John O’Donohue, page 28.