ICHM Canada needs More Volunteers

We need you to help us shoulder increasing responsibilities. Each of our working committees is asking for persons with new ideas and energy to join their team. We pray for persons with skills and experience and a sincere commitment to our cause to become members of the Board of Directors (BoD).

The Nominating Committee extends an invitation to come and join us as a volunteer. ICHM Canada has many opportunities for you—some of a shorter duration, and some that require commitment over a longer period of time. Please contact the ICHM Canada office if you are interested in working with a passionate and dynamic group of individuals who are engaged in helping to develop health and healing ministries in congregations and agencies.

Fundraising: Let’s build a Donor Development Committee

Our goal is to build a Fundraising / Donor Development Committee that will:

  • Accept responsibility for overseeing and supporting fundraising plans
  • Assist in identifying sources
  • Ascertain the most appropriate strategy for a source
  • Attend meetings with funding sources (when required)
  • Support Special Events
  • Support Other Fundraising Committees
  • Perform Project Coordination

The volunteer base of InterChurch Health Ministries (ICHM) Canada will serve as assistants to staff providing a valuable asset in accomplishing tasks and extending resources. In order to be successful, we are committed to developing and managing our fundraising volunteer programs in such a way that ICHM Canada and its volunteers benefit the most from each other. This type of planning will provide lots of success: happy volunteers doing great work and achieving phenomenal results! There will be three kinds of volunteers required to carry out fundraising for ICHM Canada. Those who enjoy:

  • Timed projects such as an Annual Appeal
  • Planning work for Ongoing Activities such as events
  • Day of duties such as manning a registration table, helping with décor and catering

ICHM Volunteers are Committed

As a registered non-profit organization, our members give many volunteer hours to support the Health & Healing Ministry within their respective church communities. ICHM Canada is respectful of the enormous amount of time our members give outside of their regular work within their church and community. It is important, therefore, to provide the tools and resources to our members to make these volunteer endeavours meaningful, high-quality opportunities.

ICHM Canada volunteers are supported:

Volunteer Opportunity Resources Available
Monthly Health Committee Meetings Suggested Agenda format
Books and articles from resource list
Webinars and workshops
Teaching in the Education Program Curriculum for your respective class content
Canadian Resource lists
Access to content used by others
Hosting the Annual General Meeting Volunteers to assist with the event
Staff set up the schedule for the day
Staff access the speaker, prepare annual report
Leading the Organization by Sitting on the Board of Directors (BoD) Staff support the members by preparing documents, staff-orientated Board members
Providing Mentorship to Parish Nurse Candidates Documents are all set up for the mentor and mentee to follow resource handbook
Partnership agreement is prepared for signatures
Attending Educational Sessions, Webinars, Symposiums Provided for you as a benefit of membership
Supporting Fundraising Initiatives Write grants for your church with ICHM Canada assistance; provide assistance at fundraising concerts, etc.
Providing Assistance to ICHM Canada Hosted Events Given the format (schedule) for these events; materials presented are prepared for you by ICHM staff
Facilitating the Annual Retreat Provided with a budget, resource preparation at the ICHM Canada office
Attending Monthly Professional Practice Group Meetings Have a set format to work from as well as support from ICHM Canada staff

ICHM Canada members donate many volunteer hours supporting ICHM Canada activities. They are the backbone of a non-profit charitable organization. Volunteerism is entwined in the job description of a Parish Nurse, Health Committee member and involved congregational members and Clergy. Parish Nurses work with congregational members to motivate them to discover volunteerism as a positive experience.

ICHM Canada has become more educated about the ways that volunteers expand both perspectives and the budget, and recognizes that there are unique roles only volunteers can fill in community relations, friendship toward other congregational members, and advocacy through Peace and Social Justice initiatives.

ICHM Canada makes a conscious effort to support our members who give volunteer time to help us further our aim of opening our doors to churches and communities.

Our members are our best and most diverse forms of volunteer participation.