This edition recognizes the 20th anniversary of RNAO PN/ FCNIG and  is dedicated to the Parish Nursing  journey over this period.

Anne-Marie Mohler, a member of the ICHM Board and past president of the FCNIG, was recognized by local politicians for her work in Parish Nursing during the Pandemic at Windermere United Church along with Rev Alexa Gilmour.

Foundations in Parish Nursing

A National, Ecumenical Certificate
Program for Registered Nurses

Bringing the healing love of Christ to those we serve

Program Co-sponsor

Foundations in Parish Nursing
St Peter’s Seminary, London, ON
Canada. See website for details.
For more information about parish nursing ministry in Canada, visit:

A program committed to the healing ministry of the church providing programs that promote the health, healing and wholeness in faith communities. This program is designed to introduce fundamental concepts of parish nursing, which has its basis in the Christian faith, and promotes health, wellness and illness prevention. Any registered nurse interested in integrating spirituality, health and wholeness into their nursing practice should apply. This program meets the criteria of the Canadian Association for Parish Nursing Ministry (CAPNM) Standards of Practice and Core Competencies. See Brochure for more details.

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Rev. Dr. Helen Wordsworth serves as International Consultant for the Westberg Institute for Faith Community Nursing. 

This book describes a simple way for churches to re-engage with health ministry and presents evidence that underlines not only a Biblical authenticity for its place in the mission of a local church, but also a compelling rationale for its implementation. It will be of interest to church leaders and all those involved in health care.

"Helen Wordsworth is uniquely experienced in both ministry and healthcare to offer insights on missional implications of parish nursing. Her research demonstrates the impact this ministry has on serving communities. She also provides an introduction to the history, philosophy, and practice of parish nursing, explaining its uniqueness in relation to healthcare and congregational settings in the UK. Her significant findings and conclusions should be considered by congregational and healthcare leaders internationally."
--Deborah L. Patterson, former Executive Director, International Parish Nurse Resource Center, Salem, OR