InterChurch Health Ministries held its annual meeting and education event on May 13th, 2017 at The Peoples Church in Toronto. Reverend Henry Fischer reported that the current model for promoting Christ’s healing ministry needed an adjustment as ICHM was experiencing a decline in membership and placement of Parish Nurses. He explained that focus groups and Board members had encouraged a model and mission that would engaged more volunteers to promote and support a health and healing ministry in every congregation, with a parish nurse if possible. Reverend Donald Pollock, a strategic planning facilitator working with the Board, provided an overview of the transformation process currently underway. He explained that the Board would need to shift from being a policy board to becoming a working board as expenses for staffing and overhead needed to be reduced to offset diminishing revenues. The ICHM Board had developed 6 strategic imperatives that would drive their ongoing activity. In the near term, the Board needed to recruit additional Clergy, Parish Nurses and Lay Leaders to ensure it had a range of skills needed to ensure the effective operation of the organization.
Reverend Fischer, acknowledged the work of Joanne Jasper, ICHM Executive Director and Luba Rascheff, Administrative Assistant, and thanked them for their years of service with ICHM. Luba concluded her employment effective the end of March and Joanne retired effective the end of April.
Following the Annual Meeting, twenty-five members attended an education event led by Reverend Wes Coburn on the topic of Hope: The real alternative to medical aid in dying.