Health Ministries

Parishes / Congregations

The model of InterChurch Health Ministries Canada suggests that the primary matter is one of developing a health and healing ministry of the congregation. This ministry is supported by the Parish Nurse and Clergy. With this in mind, InterChurch Health Ministries Canada supports congregations, parishes and agencies towards the development of ownership for this ministry. In fact, the model requires this ownership, as well as the full support of Clergy.

Some have suggested that a health and healing ministry of the congregation, supported and resourced by a Parish Nurse, is a very significant development in the life of the church in our time, holding out the hope for the revitalization of congregational life.

Patience is a key word used when speaking of this congregational development. The congregation is educated over a period of time regarding the reasons for this ministry, and the role of the Parish Nurse.

Congregations are encouraged to view the parish nurse as a member of the staff team. While there are parish nurses who volunteer their time in this ministry, congregations are encouraged to provide a salary for their Parish Nurse, or grow towards doing so, placing this within the congregational budget. Some congregations have grown towards this through the use of a pilot project format.