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Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) Developments

Cheryl Walsh

(Pictured: Cheryl Walsh, Parish
Nurse at St. Peterís Lutheran
Church in Kitchener)

In August 2007, the Ontario Government announced the funding of an Aging At Home (AAH) Strategy that would enable seniors to be supported to stay in their home of choice for as long as possible. An invitation was extended for proposals, with 20% of that funding required to be directed to innovative approaches to health care. InterChurch Health Ministries Canada has received funding in the Waterloo Wellington LHIN towards developing parish nursing ministry in congregations.

ICHM Canada, because of its innovative approach to health care and its history of developing parish nursing ministries, is well positioned to contribute in significant ways to the AAH Strategy of the Ontario Government within the Waterloo Wellington LHIN. The synergies provided by this model of health care include (1) the treatment of the whole person as body, mind and spirit, (2) the unique roles of the parish nurse (interpreter of the relationship between health and faith, health educator, health counselor, health care referral and advocacy source (healthcare system navigation) and facilitator and teacher of volunteers), and (3) the support of a faith community who becomes a partner congregation with ICHM Canada, enabling the aging population to stay in their homes longer, and saving money within our health care system.

Presently, four partner congregations with parish nurses (20 hours per week) are being supported by this initiative - St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Kitchener, First United Church in Waterloo, Holy Rosary Parish Community in Guelph, St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church in Waterloo.

Going forward, four congregations will be supported at any one time. A special focus on developing some rural partnerships and parish nursing ministries is being emphasized, Funding for the next 4 parish nursing projects will begin in 2013.

Our vision for supporting the salaries of these parish nurses and partner congregations sees ICHM Canada funding the salary for four years, decreasing this support until by the fifth year, the partner congregation has assumed full financial support of the parish nursing ministry. The ongoing goal would be the continued development of parish nursing ministries in the Waterloo Wellington LHIN.

If you are interested in more information about funding for parish nursing through the Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network, please call us at InterChurch Health Ministries Canada (1-888-433-9422).

Download the LHIN Developments document (.doc - 24 KB)


ICHM Canada Accepted into World Vision’s FreeForm Program

ICHM Canada is grateful to be invited to participate in FreeForm, a program that grew from World Vision’s desire to see the leadership teams of Christian community-based organizations equipped to maximize their organization’s potential in fulfilling their mission. The program offers key strategies and tools necessary to manage and lead non-profit organizations within a constantly changing environment.

This 18-month program brings 3 ICHM Canada leaders together for 3 intensive residential seminars. These interactive and practical three-day seminars are focused upon developing ICHM Canada’s leadership team capacity, systems capacity, financial capacity, and human resource capacity. Following Seminar 3, our ICHM Canada team will present a comprehensive 3-5 year strategy for growth in each capacity areas.

A Cohort Coach will follow our ministry’s leadership team between seminars to facilitate our progress. We will also have access to specifically tailored organizational consulting, have numerous opportunities to network and compare notes with leaders from non-profits in the cohort, and be guided in implementing a one-day guided discernment retreat prior to Seminar 3.

ICHM Canada thanks World Vision for welcoming us to this journey of discovering how to combine improvisation (freedom) with models of excellence and structure (form).